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An Exhibition of his Oxford Drawings


Convergence : The Untouched Layer


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The Theatre of Absorption

The proposed show, The Theatre of Absorption intends to be on the self-portraits of living artists in India, both senior…


Trees, are one of the earth’s oldest life forms; silent witnesses to the passing of time. Through ages, ancient people…

Windows to the Gods

Gods, Goddesses and Mythologies: Popular Oleographs and Chromolithographs from the Late 19th and Early 20th century India. As many as…

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Ashish Kushwaha

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Giridhar Gowd

RG Gowd full name Rayana Giridhar Gowd, born in 1965 at Gudavalli in Andhra Pradesh has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from Chama Rajendra Academy of Visual Arts in Mysore. He learnt mural painting, fresco, and tempera techniques during his training at Banasthal Vidyapith in Tonk, Rajasthan and followed it up with a Master’s Degree in painting from MS University in Baroda.
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