The Other Side: Paintings by Muzaffar Ali


The sound of clay by Maitri Chheda


In pursuit of infinity by Madhuri Kathe


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Dr. Kusum Lata Sharma

Dr Kusum Lata Sharma, Kalakriti,residency artist,Hyderabad
Artist-In-Residency Of The Month

Maitri Chheda

Maitri Chheda, Residency artist, Hyderabad, Kalakriti
Artist-In-Residency Of The Month
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Artist Of The Month

Aditya Basak

Aditya Basak’s journey as an artist began with his graduation in 1977 from the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Kolkata. His paintings probe the psyche of man, plumbing the unknown depths within all of us. Like the great surrealists of the past, his work goes beyond the visible, beyond reason, to give his canvases a haunting quality. Fantasies executed in color, his paintings have a strong grounding in reality responsible for their disturbing effect.  READ MORE