Wild Flowers – A series of Painting by Shagufta Mehdi

Living in a place that is probably the most verdant part of a bustling city, nature as a muse is omnipresent. Painting, nature has been Shagufta's greatest source of inspiration, the beauty of flowers and their capacity to spread joy has always fascinated her and reflected in her artworks.

The ever-changing shades of nature and the abundance it offers are enchanting and it is an absolute joy to recreate it on a limited sized canvas. Growing up in a family of artists, Shagufta was introduced to painting very early in life. Her works speak of our world through her eyes. The artist believe that there is something extraordinary in every ordinary and so much beauty to be found in the nondescript ‘gallis’ of India. The rickshaw walas, auto stands, old forgotten alleys and chai walas make for an interesting subject and often it is a momentary sparkle in a child’s eye or the genuine but wry smile that catches my fancy.

Through the current series of work, the artist trying to shed light on the imperfections that exist in nature in a perfectly balanced way. Not competing with each other but just existing in complete harmony. Being real - not seeking or striving for perfection. Just being true to their own self. There is a lot to be learned from nature in that aspect. Nature is not busy keeping up appearances, it is busy living the way it wants to. I wish to capture that essence in my work.

Travel is another bug that I’ve been bitten with. Somewhere I believe it is an extension of this need to have a visual experience along with its feel to be able to express it on canvas.

In the words of Saint Augustine:
“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”
Hence, her art draws inspiration from travelling and represents realistic style drawing inspiration from the 20th-century naturalist painters.


  • The Gallery Cafe
  • Date: May 21, 2019 - July 7, 2019