Traces of Solitude – A Portrait series by Harsha Andukuri

Title: Traces of Solitude - A Portrait series

Cities are forever bustling with life and activities and so are the many facets of this present society. One of the many manifestations of living in a city is the feeling of being alone amongst a crowd and losing connection with one’s roots. The artist has tried to delve into his inner pool of personal experiences of surviving the perils of modern life while exploring “Traces of Solitude” as the theme of his Art show.

Solitude, however, is multifacetedly pertaining to both a state of deliberation or, a state of isolation expended through loneliness. Through the subjects of his artwork, Monks and Women, Harsha has explored solitude in both aspects as a choice one makes and a state of seclusion one is thrust upon. As diverse as his subjects are, so is the theme of solitude.

Being an avid traveller, the artist found himself in the valley of Leh in the midst of the Thiksey monastery. The quiet humdrum of life in the peaceful monastery was a far cry from the crowded city he came from. From his observations of the everyday life of the ‘Lamas’ or Monks around him, the truth dawned on him that solitude is what they seek to attain in their life through meditation and prayers. It was key to their inner happiness and moksha. The truth was as radiant as the beautiful valley around him.

Coming back to his everyday life in the city, Harsha could experience the stark contrast of life around him. There was a certain flair of detachment and a mindset of fear and aversion of being alone by oneself. Despite being constantly connected in the digital world, people were lonelier than ever. The women portrayed in his series of portraits are a testament to the vulnerabilities posed by solitude. There is, however, the underlying feeling of both hope and despair that has sought to capture the essence of the theme.

Growing up in a family of predominantly women, Harsha was always sensitive to the emotions and upheavals in a woman’s life. The current series of the portrait is a reflection of life as experienced by the artist since his childhood. As an Architect, Graphic designer and a working UX designer, Harsha have always turned to art as the root of his creative expression. Art, for him, is a medium to achieve his inner solitude. As the saying of Buddha goes “Peace comes from within. Do not seek without” and so is solitude.

Curated by Ruchi Sharma

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  • The Gallery Cafe
  • Date: July 8, 2019 - August 5, 2019