The sound of clay by Maitri Chheda

Maitri's works are an attempt to explore the multiplicity and possibilities of the material of ceramics, generally considered a traditional medium. For her, this medium can be explored beyond its tradition. Her work revolves around the aspect of hollow space and the associated elements of thickness and thinness of the material. Hollow spaces are parallels to that of the aspect of sound and the creation of sound. Through a lyrical engagement with these materials, composing through rhythm, repetition and pauses, she hopes to transform music into physical manifestations.

Although her work draws its inspiration from music instruments, they do not entirely function as one and can rather be termed as 'Sound Sculpture'. Taking the aspect of resonance of sound she has used repetitive patterns in her work thus reflecting the pattern of sound waves. They also have an interactive aspect to them, as Maitri invites the viewer to have a physically engage with her works in order to experience both its visual and auditory aesthetics. She believes the prevailing opinion about the fragility of ceramics as material needs to change, and that is a conversation she intends to start with her works. Through experimentation with the ceramic objects, Maitri seeks to reach an abstraction that transcends a fixed set of meanings to open up an immediate physical interpretation.

  • Kalakriti Contemporary, Club Botanika
  • Date: March 14, 2020 - April 16, 2020