Svayambhu – A series of paintings by Sachin Jaltare

Kalakriti Art Gallery


a series of paintings by Sachin Jaltare

Preview : Sunday, 9th December 2018
The exhibition is on view till 27th December 2018

Svayambhu-in Sanskrit means self originated, self manifested and self created. The present series of works by Sachin Jaltare unravel such spiritual core of the Universal energy and its transformation into myriad natural elements and processes.

Traversing through the boundless domain of the innermost self, the semi abstract and fluid imagery manifests an introspective journey wherein the artist gets immersed in understanding and re-establishing oneness with the ‘Absolute’. He brings forth the impressions absorbed from his sacred and secured private landscape-ingrained with undulating, ever transfiguring, malleable and hazy reflections.

These visual renditions seem to be in a continuous process of metamorphosis, intrinsically and incessantly. Yet, each stage, mode and nuance that they are in, is complete in itself. About which the artist further explains - a seed inside a fruit is complete; after it falls on the ground and takes the form of a new plant, during that stage also it is complete. Similarly, innumerable frames of moments coincide together to give form to a human life, wherein each stage is complete in itself.

The visual vocabulary in the present series is minimalistic, geometrical and touches the core of organic life and matter. The unnecessary details and clutter get diminished and thus the basic core and bare emblems of visual representation get manifested. The natural elements and figures make their presence felt and immediately get merged into the space, their peripheries are muted and seamless and thus they get reinstated as a part and parcel of a unified existence.

The forms naturally diffuse into the space. They subtly reinstate the process in which they seem to have evolved organically from it and gradually will get blended into its extents after a transitory/ephemeral presence. The harmonious assimilation and distribution of the corresponding shades and tints grants the colour palette a soft gradation and apparent depth.

A unanimously outspread undercurrent of personalised elucidation enhances the mystic charm while the earthy and neutral avatar of the figures accentuates their ubiquitous appeal. These beings get exemplified as the quintessential, enlightened and natural bearers of the ‘Universal energy’ which is entwined within them as an indispensible part of their existence.

The natural world exists on its own, changes, grows, evolves and dissipates according to its own accord and will. Nothing remains permanent, still or static, change is ingrained deeply into the very core of existence, on physical as well as metaphysical extents and cannot be denied. The present series of works explore and reinstate such deeply embedded, ever changing nature of form and space.

  • Kalakriti Art Gallery
  • Date: December 9, 2018 - December 27, 2018