Shifting Realities by Ashok Kumar

A journey from an Architect to an Artist

Born in Sholapur 1950 and raised in Hyderabad, artist Ashok Kumar is graduated from School of Fine Arts and Architecture, Hyderabad. An architect by profession, he designed premier houses and famous commercial buildings, industries, restaurants and hotels in the cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. He is also an interior designer of some the residences and hotels that he architected.

Ashok Kumar started to sketch and paint using watercolour and charcoal even as a young boy and started to work with Acrylic paints and clay over the last 25 years. He adorned the walls of some of the buildings he architected with his own paintings, which included mythical Indian figures, ceremonial/ancient structures, and abstracts.

Ashok Kumar plays boldly with vibrant and monochrome colours and gets influenced by the historical buildings and monuments. He draws inspiration from the lifestyle of various people, and the architecture and landscape surrounding him which he depicts in his painting using simple tones and shades. He dwells in both abstract and real-life painting and sometimes combines them both. He experiments with various kinds of medium, including oil, acrylic, water, and sometimes brings in more elements such as white cement and clay paste which give his paintings a distinct texture. Ashok Kumar developed his own genre of paintings that uses ceramic as a medium over the canvas with acrylic and oil colours. His impasto technique gives his paintings a unique texture and a dimension more, using an entire palette of mediums and colours to give a hidden expression in both life and lifeless objects

  • Kalakriti Contemporary, Club Botanika
  • Date: April 12, 2019 - June 13, 2019