Plus verte ailleurs

Kalakriti Art Gallery presentsPlus verte ailleurs an exhibition showcasing works produced during thecross- residency exchange programme between Bordeaux Métropole and Hyderabad in The State of Telangana, India, in partnership with the Krishnakriti Foundation, Kalakriti Art Gallery and The City Hall of Bordeaux under one roof.

Residence release of:
Emmanuelle Leblanc (Hyderabad, Oct - Nov 2019)
Sunil Lohar (Bordeaux, Sep. - Oct 2019)
Curated by Ruchi Sharma

Vernissage : 8th Nov 2019 l 6:30 pm at Kalakriti Art Gallery

The line of paintings produced by French artist, Emmanual consists of small oilpaintings on wood, in the tradition of medieval art, but using real-life photos representing colourful atmospheres and subjects directly selected in landscapes or in the immediate environment during her residency in Hyderabad.

It's interesting to view how her one series ends up to the beginning of the next sequence - creating a connection, a pictorial link, with the series developed before and after, in France or in other European countries along with the current works.

Emmanual states: To be immersed in a culture and a country like India would really represent a great opportunity for her artistic work. To be introduced to the culture of brightness and polychrome, to understand the related symbolism and uses, to discover the knowledge and local know‐how of the Indian graphic and pictorial arts, to experiment local raw materials (pigments) would expand my pictorial practice.

Whereas, for the artist, Sunil Lohar, everyday thoughts and experiences are an important source of inspiration that appears very directly in his artworks, which can be viewed in the series of watercolours in which hestages the burden, the invisible weight that we all carry, whether it be a burden of pride, responsibility or desire.

Using metaphors, Sunil looks to highlight individual actions or emotions, that come together to create a story, a common allegory. In this sense, he reflects society, where we aspire to our own dreams, desires and commitments, whilst also making up the pieces of something bigger that goes beyond us.

With images that may appear evanescent or dreamlike, Sunil insists however on the necessity of a strong theoretical base that should accompany every artwork,according to him. He says: “At present, I am deeply engrossed in reading and understanding the varied aspects of painting, its elements and their respective potentials.” Every action in this world has a reason and intention, so art and expression must not be an exception.

The series of works currently showcased is the memory and namely, the history of slavery in Bordeaux carried out by the Musée d’Aquitaine, the architecture of the CAPC museum of contemporary art, watercolours with fine lines that represent iconic architectures, standing proudly on vine stocks, a real base of the city and its prosperity.

  • Kalakriti Art Gallery
  • Date: November 8, 2019 - November 15, 2019