Multi-tude – a Collective show of Kalakriti Residency artist

This show is a collective of four distinct artists working in multiple mediums of expression as print-making, painting and tapestry. The idea of the show is to give a better platform to our residency artists by showcasing their works Titled "Multi-tude" showcasing very selective residency artists works Anila Kumar Govindappa, Moumita Das Bhattacharya, Dhaneesh and Hetal

Saturday, 15th December 2018 - 29th December 2018;
Timings 11am - 7pm

“Everything is exchangeable, because, everything becomes a commodity; all reality is mechanically measured by its materiality. The curiosity to explore and know is the very key to execute an art work. So, my perspectives and perceptions towards the objects and subjects, occupied me, are overlapped. I look at an object and its aestheticism, and sometimes objects itself shows off its beauty. My ideas of an art work goes deeper conceptually and sensibly.
The recent collective project themed “India- Reworlded” with Clark house initiative was a theme on the Special Republic Issue of Illustrated Weekly magazine of 1965 and 1966 artists worked almost prescribing the government propaganda in various mediums as oils, printmaking, watercolor, photography and graphic design. Usually, my work starts from my autobiography along this talk about the economic condition in my family, from where I belong to, and my connection with the place. And, my works includes paintings, prints, sculptures, installations and multimedia. My works are based on the human tendencies and the curiosity within urban lifestyle and playing with dialogues and the images. I am very much fascinated towards drawings; I paint the celebration of hopeful and cheerful aspects of my life. The materials and medium of my work changes according to the context and space. For example, I start with my self portrait and which eventually transit to my personal issues to other global issues, and ends up with a fusion.

The landscapes in Hyderabad were very different, in all the sense the nature of this space was very possibly. I have got many factors for a new  deliberate landscape, very dry streaks and vast dried grass land. I took elements from the landscapes and it was also during the summer that the colors were adapted. The way I used the brush strokes and color depends on different time I have spent in front of the canvas and it marked the inner feeling of
my pleasure, pain and all those emotions I had each time. The spaces in this painting were not predicted before doing. Each time I painted my emotions were clearly visible in color and line. The way I was finding freedom and space to survive and sense the earth as a free living. And the important thing is the landscape is divided by the gap between the multiple canvases and this gap is visually creating a sense of shadow as the center of truth between two
canvases as the fantasy and I felt my identity is hiding here in the shadow of multiple view point of my mindscapes.

Whether it is an inquiry into social or political structures of our society or an inquiry of self. Each work, in the end, starts from the self, since it  is through the self each one of us, artist or non-artist, perceive the world around us. Within this perception there lie multitudes of fragmentary perceptions thriving through facts and fantasies, I would rather use a word “imaginations”. In both cases, the urgency of meeting requirement of our daily life conquers all other inquiries, even with the people who claim to have achieved a higher state of mind. So, what lies between these very mundane requirements of a daily life and a possibility to achieve a higher state of conciseness? Is spirituality is the answer…? Can art make one transcend…? How does one understand spirituality…? Is merely visiting temple or a mosque is spiritual…? An individual seeking truth heads to the hill, and so goes the myth, but an average city dweller is faced with blocks and blocks of concrete. Can an architecture, a wall, a corner, a window, a ceiling arouse an idea of higher conscious...? I’m not after spirituality in its religious sense but the possibility of an inquiry, an inquiry of a space and time. An inquiry of a body in relation to its surrounding and ultimately an inquiry within the most limited of the minds through the means of the intimate of objects or spaces. The relationship between body and space is a widely explored inquiry, especially in contemporary art. Even so, it offers infinite possibilities of exploration.

Moumita Das
Every city has its own history and speciality. As I started to visit in the city for first time and encounter that Hyderabad city lays on predominantly sloping terrain of grey and pinkgranite, dotted with small hills and the cityscape are very ups & downs in motion. Here, in this work I tried to amalgamate the colour, texture, form- which I found during my city visit time. I found the city in a very much ups and down formation, lies upon pink and grey granite stone, somewhere dotted with white and black with a touch of green- And this is the core essence I took to fulfil my idea as my art work. I construct abstract forms ‘fragments’ to highlight the beauty found in the inherent processes of ageing and decay. The core theme of my work is colour, texture and surface, strongly influenced by the nature. I like to see the nature, but always in a very different way. Information and data collection are the first stage in my work process. And after that, through permutation & combination I try to put together all the information and convert them in a visual format with the help of Fibre art. Tapestry, Fibre Art or the Textile Art are very known form in the history of contemporary visual art form. Somewhere in my path of journey I am trying to understand our society and its different values. And try to execute them in my work. My works are mainly influenced by different
natural form, colour and texture which help me to amalgamate my feelings

  • Kalakriti Contemporary, Club Botanika
  • Date: December 15, 2018 - December 29, 2018
  • Time: 12:00 am - 08:00 pm