Himalayan Odyssey a series of artworks by Ankita Srivastava

People throughout human history have been fascinated with mountains. Their majesty fills us with wonder; for many, the mountains are religious abodes, while for others they are nature’s challenge, meant to be conquered! The Himalayas in Asia boast of some of the world’s highest peaks and consequently have attracted many explorers and expeditions over the years.

Ankita is a self-initiated artist and she has chosen to work at the confluence of art, design, and healing. Her artworks are often the quest for deeper connections and her own surreal experiences from untouched and mystical landscapes. In her painting, Ankita depicts snow-capped mountain peaks at twilight, with their multi-hued lighting. Subtle shades of pink and mauve emerge as the waning light hits the terrain. In this masterful study of light and shadow, the artist gives careful attention to every topographical detail. Rocky ridges and snowy dunes invite the viewer to experience these moody landscapes. Ankita sensed the subtle spirit and harmony of the mountains, their solemn, mighty essence and significance for humanity as the symbol of the purest, highest aspiration towards beauty and knowledge.

With a diploma in Advertising and Design from Wigan & Leigh and a bachelor degree in Visual Communications, Ankita later completed her Art & Design Practice at Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology. She is presently immersed in Expressive and Creative Art Therapies from the Smart Studio, Bangalore. Prior to becoming a full-time artist, Ankita served on mandates around creative, design, brand management, communication in print and digital media for reputed organizations like the Time of India Group among others. She wishes to continue her journey as an artist and an expressive art therapist.

  • The Gallery Cafe
  • Date: April 12, 2019 - May 20, 2019