Earthen Abode by Ajaysingh Bhadoriya

Ajaysingh Bhadoriya art practice is an expression of his experiences and his intimate surroundings, he tries to create a space which amalgamates a new perspective of seeing things and perceiving it. His works display an essence of his surrounding which is very common to the eye but the ways of seeing it differs. Through mediums, he tries to play with the representation and create a sense of existence; parallel to the space he creates.

The process of work accompanies the material he chooses. Clay is the main medium to work with and is also a representation of his surroundings and households. His recent practices are the expressions of stay in Santiniketan. The subject is deeply connected with the soil and roots of the place thus, made an endeavour to trace the life and the spaces within the place and the people living in those spaces.

Ajaysingh says, “I chose broken pots and slabs which are some of the daily life elements used by the people of the place Santiniketan to create the essence of the place with the technique of embossed/ relief visuals and displaying as a mural or creating interior spaces with the pots. It is a miniature version of an element of the space which creates the ambience in a given space or exhibited indoor.”

Bachelor’s in Ceramics from  Sir J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai, and Master from Visvabharathi, Santiniketan.


  • Kalakriti Contemporary, Club Botanika
  • Date: July 28, 2018 - September 7, 2018