by Moshe Dayan
Curated by Ruchi Sharma

4th October, 2019, 6:00 pm
at The Gallery Cafe, Banjara Hills
Exhibition on view till 31st October 2019

Kalakriti Art Gallery presents 'And Trance everywhere…’ by artist, Moshe Dayan depicts little things in everyday life like scenes of a movie. He is an artist with a unique touch who captures all sorts of light in his work: light at dawn, the light at dusk, city lights at night. His paintings remind us that our world is filled with every kind of beautiful light.

For Moshe, art practice is an expression of his experiences and his intimate surroundings and aims to express the importance of "Everyday life" in this exhibition. He tries to create a space which amalgamates a new perspective of seeing things and perceiving it. His works display an essence of his surrounding which is very common to the eye but the ways of seeing it differs.

Coming back to his everyday life in the city, Moshe tries to capture the stark contrast of life around him 'Every ordinary scenery in our daily lives, such as the rising sun, the beauty of a sunset or a glittering road paved with asphalt on a rainy night, becomes something irreplaceable’.

His soft treatment of watercolour, pen & ink works speaks, as if, of a lost world, but which his very much existent. The people and objects, which have no relation to art are alive in his work and becomes immortal, a kind of visual narrative is seen in Moshe painting.”

The exhibit suffers no shortage of special delights. This is a show dedicated to every day, to the things that matter most, even if they don’t last”. This is an exhibition about love and life and the fabric of time that holds them together.”

  • The Gallery Cafe
  • Date: October 4, 2019 - October 31, 2019