A Simple Life, if it were: Watercolours by Raghunath Sahoo

Life is difficult, sometimes way too difficult. Compounded by the pressures of an urban living, we crave for a simple life. Often art is supposed to be making a statement, a manifesto of all that must be condemned or done away with; in other words a mirror to all that is wrong with us. But sometimes it is also necessary to let art be just about finding tiny rivulets of happiness that may or may not be so dark, unhappy or bleak; a hope.

Deftly captured in the works of Raghunath Sahoo, one of the leading watercolourists of our times, we see unbelievable tranquility, calm and peace. It is unbelievable for those of us who go to great lengths looking for happiness and hope, never realizing that one must always look within. Such a blissful existence is real as we see in Sahoo’s work who beautifully mimes the objects as they exist in his still-life paintings, village scenes, cityscapes, and people going on about in their everyday lives.It is the artist’s innate skill who manages to depict these figures with such naturalism without ever loosing their charm or simplicity.

A blooming lotus, a tiny plant creeping from the cracks of a wall, or a dusty unused hearth, people thronging a temple, a busy city street, a village barber tending to his client, a kid at play; all of this is replete with remarkable draughtsmanship and a near-perfect rendition. The exhibition has tried to encapsulate each and every theme that Sahoo has ever worked with; therefore there has been a small inclusion of Sahoo’s rare contemporary figurative works. A scintillating play of light and shade, Sahoo’s every composition is a visual delight that breathes with life. In these watercolours we see the pictorial and the photographic merge to create an expressive visual splendour that has always played a big part in Raghunath Sahoo’s oeuvre.

In our attempt at bringing the popular medium of watercolour which is an, universal and enduring medium back to the centre of our many ongoing presentations, Kalakriti Art Gallery brings you ‘A Simple Life, if it were: Watercolours by Raghunath Sahoo’.





  • Kalakriti Art Gallery
  • Date: June 7, 2020