‘A Journey Through Art’

‘A Journey Through Art’  - Travelling artists brings the glamour of Southern Temples and Northern Ghats on canvas.

The series - ‘A Journey Through Art’ brings together a journey highlighting the artistic learning, philosophy and process of various art forms and sensibilities of the two regions, fascinated by its ghats, river, the people the city attracted and its bylanes throbbing with energy. Anand Bekwad, known for his watercolours and acrylic tries to narrate the journey of water with different landscapes of Kedarnath, Yamunotri and Banaras. Certainly been in his mind he aims at publishing ‘views’ of the city from ‘complete plates and inished watercolours. Capturing through vibrant splashes of colour, and fluid line-work both the liveliness and poignancy of aimeless pastoral visual text.

It is often said that there is nothing original in the world of art, yet all great art must be original. Whether in its idea, or execution, or setting, a truly great work of art must startle because of its freshness of imagination while retaining elements of the familiar.

The flat paint in his painting seems less important than tone, an effacement of one layer followed by another creating a meandering space, shadows set against deeper shadows marking the points where forms reflect, intersect or overlap, frame within frames diverging instead of converging, illuminating areas in vivid streaks of lightning accompanied by a drizzle.

In his paintings, Bekwad expresses the life of people with mythology. The Banaras series include scenes around the river Ganga. Banaras is famous for its ghats, architectural extravaganza, temples on the riverbank with spacious gateways and tall minarets. Every ghat has a story to tell and has captured the essence on his canvases. Whereas landscapes remain static, but the visual frames which Bekwad creates expand and contract according to the moods and sensibility of the artist. This type of visual activity creates a world, different from the real one. The stillness of the forms is rendered in a manner to suggest a separation between the artists’ subjects from an active world.

The artist, instead of just conveying the meaning of his work; prefers to make the spectator to “Feel” the visual narrative.His works are amongst the well-known private collectors in India and overseas.

- Ruchi Sharma

  • The Gallery Cafe
  • Date: November 4, 2019 - November 29, 2019