Identity – by French artist, Delphine Delas

Delphine Delas is a French street art artist. She works very early in the street to represent imaginary characters or from myths and legends. Her minimal style seems to be heir to artists such as Jean
Cocteau and Matisse. Monochrome or sometimes very colourful backgrounds are part of its distinctive mark.

She studied art history at the Louvre School and La Sorbonne in France. Her knowledge of art is quite broad and it feeds on all these references to populate a fantasy abounding. she also likes to work
with travelling writers who work on the issue of elsewhere. She recently presented her work in India, painting in Hitech city, in the streets of Hyderabad; As part of Bonjour India and having exposed to the French Alliance of Hyderabad, her work continues to be exposed internationally.

Artist says,
I like to work from the writings of travel writers. One of the most important women travellers of the twentieth century was Ella Maillart. She travelled a lot in India. The knowledge of the field at that time still passed through the study of maps and old maps. There is a certain fascination in the past with these maps where we can judge the geographical changes of our borders. The question I am
asking myself is that visibly these borders can change and are not immutable. For me, Ella Maillart has been a great observer of her time of changing these frontiers. So I find it interesting to confront
the past of these cards with drawings made from the photographs of Ella Maillart.


  • Kalakriti Contemporary, Club Botanika
  • Date: February 23, 2018 - March 25, 2018
  • 11:00 am - 7:00 pm