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Inner Kali

Inner Kali

There is an Inner Kali within each of us, urging to be set free. Each person is going through their own concoction of fears, triggers and thought processes. There is a warrior, a survivor and a throne that exists within each of us. While sometimes it is worn with honor and pride, sometimes it lies near our bedside, resting. The Whencut Goddamn 2022 Art Line titled 'Inner Kali' embodies the presence of the demon within us, the strength within us, the fire within us… exploring the stories within each woman, each individual, and each untold story. This collection features acrylic paintings on canvas, poems, pen on paper illustrations, digital collage work and wearable fashion as art installations.

There is an Inner Kali hidden within each one of us

Once she awakens, she steers past all her demons,

All the prejudices people abreast onto her Her eyes opened deep inward…

There was enlightening stimulation

She became whole again.

When she opened her eyes she became conscious of world of make belief,

She chose awareness.

To police her energy

Never to give away her foresight Honor her identity,

One that was created by her.