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An Idyllic World, The Real And The Imagined

A Solow Show of Paintings by Ramu Das

The art of Ramu Das is a bright and quirky mix of fantasy and nature. A deeply perceptive artist with a highly developed sense of colour, Ramu with his oversized lotuses, bees, and butterflies creates a fantastically complex but humorous compositions. Replete with quirky characters Ramu Das's fantasy world is filled with images from his life experiences, combined with a satire to the metaphysical matters of life – thus creating a mixture of fantasy and humour. There is an extensive use of pictorial forms, figures and colours as metaphors. The figures are caricature-ish and evoke laughter.

A mermaid, a celestial nymph, an immoral politician and a strange man admiring a tree laden with wood apples - all symbolically depict the beauty as well as the vulnerability of the world we live in. Similarly, a pond that resembles a regular flowerpot has lotuses of monstrous proportions growing out of it, and in another work butterfly as large as a fist swarm over a strange assortment of white lotuses. This series of works highlights the issue of nature being in distress and on the brink of destruction, therefore these paintings give the effect of flowers and plants being seen under microscope, to show the beauty as well as the vulnerability of the natural world.

On one hand these works are imaginary, dramatic and distinctive; on the other hand, they are strongly Surrealist in character and bear other specific art historical references. Based on Ramu's highly individualistic style the basic concept of his works depends on his observation of the world, molded through his imagination. And in there the good, bad, ugly and a whole lot of drama seem to coexist....