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Where Did The Horses Go?

Celebrated in works of art throughout the world since ancient times, horses still make us wonder. One of the perennial symbols of vitality and strength many artists and writers have been drawn to horses from different cultural backgrounds. 

They invoke a range of feelings that are familiar to many and yet, there is still something ineffable about these sublime creatures. Even the staunchest of cynics have been moved by the nobility of these creatures turning them into embodiment of virtue and reason. 

Yes, am reminded of Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver, who in his satirical narrative of wonder is willing to go and live among the horses leaving humanity behind. In the visual world from bronze sculptures to classical murals to the works of Delacroix to Picasso and Husain we have had a stunning range of horses that redefined the archetype time and again in unforeseen ways. 

But whatever happened to horses of late? Have they disappeared from our collective imagination? Past are the decades when Indian  rtists, even the modernist masters, did series of paintings which explored the mysterious beauty of these creatures.

The proposed exhibition intends to bring up this singular motif of horses that would help us to have a renewed vision of them. This is perhaps not so much on the lines of a quiet and extended meditation as it seeks to do more since the artist would be invited literally to do all kinds of horses. By all kinds of horses, we mean horses of the world and the horses of imagination and dreams and perhaps of the netherworld.

We will have a look at horses by artists across a range of genres and styles; from modernist masters to more contemporary artists we would be seeking works that rein still the artist’s vision of these creatures. And go further, if possible.

- Kallol Ray