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Through the Looking Glass: New Voices in Contemporary Indian Art

At Kalakriti Contemporary we believe that the rigor and focus that an exhibition demands of an artist is an essential part of an artistic journey, our focus has been on thinking about how to make an exhibition a medium for collective thinking, exchange and education. Over the years Kalakriti Contemporary’s exhibitions have been energetic forums that use the collective nature of the exhibition site to invite various practitioners and make visible the work that is being carried out by Kalakriti and its benefactors under different programmes and collaborations.

While we have seen a temporary pause due to COVID-19, we can still get inspired by the work of contemporary artists. As part of Kalakriti Contemporary’s ongoing endeavour to engage with emerging artists, we are initiating a series of digitally mounted virtual exhibitions. These curated art spaces on virtual platforms will continue to explore artistic expression with a selection of fresh works by emerging artists from all over India and abroad.

First in line in this series is “Through the Looking Glass: New Voices in Contemporary Indian Art” featuring Aishwarya Sultania, Balagopalan, Claire Iono, Divya Patwa, Ekta Sharma, Ekta Singha, Kusum Lata Sharma, Nishant Dange, Protyusha Mitra, Smita Gupta, Sumit Banerjee, and Uday Goswami. This exhibition spotlights new talent and the up-and-coming artistic innovators who are pushing the boundaries of contemporary Indian art. These multiple artistic practices serve as conduits in connecting shared histories and futures. Different mediums resonate with different emotions, experiences, aspects of life, and truths. These artists though unconnected, find connections and inspirations in their palettes, expansive conceptions of design, environment, migration, memories and apparent modicum of life in general. Showcasing a wide variety of artworks ranging from sculptural Installations, paintings, drawings, multimedia this exhibition will explore possibilities beyond the normative patterns of the art world.

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