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Anjani Reddy | Priti Samyukta | Rohini Reddy | Srinivas Reddy | Vidyasagar Upadhyay | Vinay Sharma

The title of this exhibition ‘Tales of two cities’ stems from the six participating artists, four being from the city of pearls and two from the pink city. Hyderabad and Jaipur have a great history, and are amongst the important cities in India. Both the cities are old and historical with a flavour of harmony, integrity, food habits, culture, architecture and colour which reflects on the works of the artists.

About the Artists

Born in 1951, Anjani Reddy is considered a doyen amongst the Hyderabad artists. She graduated in Painting at the College of Fine Arts and Architecture (now JNAFAU), Hyderabad, and has numerous accolades to her credit including the AIFACS Award, New Delhi in 1997. Since 1977, Anjani has held several group and solo shows of her works across India and in UK, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Germany & Sweden. Anjani's blend of images, design and tones lets her bring out graceful female figures, amidst lush, natural, environments. Anjani's compositions often seem to have elements from fantasy and just pure imagination. The artist spent twenty-five years teaching at her alma mater, Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University. She is now retired and devotes her time to painting.

Srinivas Reddy obtained his Diploma in Sculpture from the College of Fine Arts, JNTU (now JNAFAU), Hyderabad followed by a Post Diploma in the same at Faculty of Fine Arts, M S University of Baroda. He is the recipient of Junior Fellowship by the Government of India, and National Award by Lalit Kala Academy. He has successfully exhibited his works in many galleries in India and abroad over the last two decades. The stylised human heads by Srinivas Reddy focus on a very different visual language. The fibre glass works are not only about artistic expression, they also bring out certain innovative qualities. Conceptually, it's all about the head being the centre of intellect and spiritual powers.

Rohini Reddy studied Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, M S University of Baroda. She received AIFACS Award and the Hyderabad Art Society Award. Her works have been featured in many exhibitions across the country. Rohini Reddy's specialty is portraits. Her stylised, large portraits of Andhra women are known to expertly show love and beauty. One can observe a very contemporary coming together of various folk elements in her works.

Born in 1977, Priti Samyukta studied BFA and MFA in Painting from JNTU College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad and SN School, University of Hyderabad respectively. Priti is the recipient of Hyderabad Art Society Award. She has four solo shows to her credit, and her works have been featured in many group shows across the country. Priti’s autobiographical work talks about womanhood. She incorporates several elements from nature - flowers, leaves, birds, creepers and more. Her works are simple, yet very expressive which speaks about women’s outer beauty and inner strengths.

Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyaya, one of the veteran serious abstract painters of the country, was born in 1948, and hails from the Pink city, Rajasthan. He obtained his Masters’ Degree and Ph.D in Painting from Mohanlal Sukhadia University in Udaipur. His abstract landscapes are inspired by music and nature, and are a fine blend of bright colours, dreamy-like layered imageries and vivid lights. Dramatic, cheerful, lively, natural are the words come to mind on seeing Upadhayaya’s works. Upadhayaya’s works have been featured in several exhibitions nationally and internationally and he has received many awards from his home state as well as UP and Bihar Governments. He taught at the Painting Department of Rajasthan School of Art, Jaipur. He is a member of Tuckman, a Rajasthan artists group, and is on the Executive Board of Lalit Kala Academy. He is a keen organizer and supports new initiatives.

Vinay Sharma was born in 1965 in Jaipur. He completed his Diploma in Painting at the Rajasthan School of Arts, Jaipur and Masters’ in Printmaking at M S University of Baroda. Vinay’s abstracts are defined by a single, powerful colour in the background, on which subtle and multiple forms of Rajasthani architecture and forms are placed. He has exhibited his works widely in shows and galleries across India and other countries including New Delhi, Mumbai, Germany, UK, Australia and Korea. He is the recipient of Rajasthan State Award and the AIFACS Award, New Delhi.

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