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  • 10 Sep

    Whose place? Whose memory? Whose archive?

    Whose place? Whose memory? Whose archive? About the exhibitions SN Sujith | Om Soorya | Mahesh Baliga | Vinod Balak Conceptualized by Om Soorya Landscapes

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  • 15 May

    Alchemy of Memories

    Alchemy of Memories About the exhibitions The past has a quiet way of being present, and thus, dreams, visions, and memories act as a thread

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  • 30 Mar


    GANAPATI by SUJATA BAJAJ About the exhibitions Kalakriti Art Gallery presents ‘Ganapati’ by well-known Indianinternational artist from Paris, Sujata Bajaj. Showcasing her recent series of

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  • 27 Feb

    DASHAVATARA – Dialectics of Tradition

    “Only a dialogue with the past can produce originality” – Wilson Harris The quotation by Wilson Harris has enormous implications particularly for Giridhar Gowd an

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