Story of a Kingdom V

INR. 14,000


Ekta Singha

The crux of my work is day to day  life. Visual experience in different situations makes its entry in pictorial surface. Deriving from personal history, places I have lived or visited maps, relationships, coexistence of old and new (clash of values). All these experiences come as metaphors in my work.

I use photographs, texts, prints, found images/objects, and designs and try to juxtapose them in such a way that their familiar contexts break down and a new emotional association emerges.

My own background has also played as an important source of inspiration. Belonging from a royal lineage and its influence in personal memories related to them has also sought its presence in my work. I have never been to my native place, yet all the stories that I have heard from my grandparents, makes me imagine and dream about fantastical images in my mind. This has also made me interested in Rajput and Mughal miniature paintings and some of the elements have made an entry in my work.

At present, researching everyday objects of their function in our life, and their social significance, is a part of my process, these include everything from household objects, things I use regularly, room, furniture, houses and traditional and non-traditional objects. I am fascinated by their physical characters and what happens when they are taken out of context and repeated or combined. These elements have their own Individual character, but when placed together, and develop patterns out of them, and it creates a different context in my work. Transcending them from their decorative values, patterns, which were essentially relegated to them. All these create sematic paradox in my work that plays through the narrative. Repetition of a form enables me to emphasize the image as well as render it a meditative art. The narrativity  is expressed in multiple layers in my paintings allowing me to juxtapose various experiences from different point of  time.

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