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Shankar Pamarthy

Shankar Pamarthy born in Nalgonda, of Telangana State. Not from the academic background but admired fine arts right from his childhood and began doodling at the age of ten years. Soon after his graduation, he started working as a drawing teacher and later on, he moved to the capital city of Hyderabad in order to shape his career as a journalist/political cartoonist and joined in a leading vernacular daily magazine called Vaartha and later worked for another daily Andhrajyothi. He is presently working at Sakshi, a reputed vernacular daily.
Shankar’s association with artists, journalists and media enabled him to hone his intellect and persona, exhibited his works alongside renowned painter Thota Vaikuntam for the first time. His works were well received by artists, art lovers and connoisseurs. His constant engagement with contemporary art earned him a place in the prestigious art historical documentation on 100 years of contemporary art of Telangana.
A fine quality of colour pencil rendering is dexterously done by fragmenting and mutilating but with accurate characteristic features, as the physiognomies evidently show a faultless visualization of the gifted artist. He does not believe in any sort of stereotypical exaggeration instead captures the soul of the character with a distinct style that he developed over the years. Be it, Mother Teresa, M.S Subbu Lakshmi or Charlie Chaplin the naturalistic features are duly captured and mannerism is attained. The forms transgress the idea of provocation, satire and criticism as they are pretty, adorable and thoughtful depictions of reality. These remarkable renderings on paper reveal Shankar’s unfathomable artistic insights, his natural skill of capturing the essence and his philosophical interpretation of the subconsciousness while re-presenting the spoofing. The selected spoof imagery of popular personalities are only to show their pride, their entity and significance in our culture and society.
While doing so, he brings up a sort of a fearless distortion without losing the likeness of the physiognomies negotiating with real and surreal. In fact, Shankar delves into understanding the core of the humour, reinforcing the enterprise, scheme and charm of imperative personalities who time and again are seen in the public domain. Thus, deliberately abstracting the realistic forms and leaving straightforward clues to recognize the portraiture. At times, he challenges the light-hearted viewers inviting them into a puzzle of creation and recreation and cherishes these witty moments.
 3rd Prize in Hindustan Times Caricature Art Contest 2000 – India
 First Prize in Tabriz International Cartoon Contest 2005 – Iran
 First Prize in Brazil International Caricature Art Contest 2008 – Brazil
 Best Political Cartoonist Award, Government of Andhra Pradesh 2007 – India
 3rd Prize in Mayakamath Memorial Awards for Excellence in Political Cartooning 2008 – India
 First Prize in Oommen Chandy Caricature Contest, Kerala 2012 – India
 First Prize in Brazil International Caricature Contest 2013 – Brazil
 Silver Medal in China Portraiture Contest 2013 – China
 Elected as Special jury Member for Iran International Caricature Contest 2014 – Iran
 World Press Cartoon Grand Prix Award 2014 – Portugal
 Silver Medal in The 2nd International Caricature Art Competition 2015 – China
 First Prize in Third International Art Festival of Resistance 2015 – Iran
 First prize in the Festival of Humour Festival Veredas de Humor – Brazil
 Winner of The Chamber of Municipality of de Humor de Piracicaba 2016 – Brazil
 State Award – Government of Telangana State 2016 – India
 Third Winner of The Second International Holocaust Caricature Art Contest 2017 – Iran
 Special Prize in Trumpism Cartoon & Caricature Contest 2017 – Iran
 Honourable Mention in World press Cartoon 2017 – Portugal
 Honourable Mention in Porto Cartoon 2017 – Portugal
 Special Jury member for 11th Tehran International Biennial Cartoon Contest 2017 – Iran
 Honourable Mention in Porto Cartoon 2018 – Portugal
 Excellent Award in The First International Caricature Portrait Festival 2018 – Beijing, CHINA
 Second Prize in The End of Terrorism Cartoon & Caricature Contest 2018 – Iran
 Digital award in 14th International Humor Hall of Limiera 2018-Brazil
 Honourable Mention in Salão International de Humor de Piracicaba 2018 – Brazil
 Honourable Mention in World Press Cartoon 2019- Portugal
 First prize in Salão de Humor de Caratinga 2019 – Brazil
2005 – Shankar’s Making Faces – Solo Exhibition at Lakshana Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2007 – Hyderabad Artists – Two Men Show at Amaravathi Kalakendra, Hyderabad
2009 – Shankar’s Caricatures – Solo Exhibition at Alankritha Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2011 – Faces Unmasked – Solo Exhibition at IIC Gallery, Bangalore
2014 – “[email protected]” Group exhibition at Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2014 – “[email protected]” Group exhibition at Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad
2015 – “Art for Cause” Group show organized by Gallery Space, Hyderabad
2015 – “Art Fete 2015” Platinum Jubilee Celebrations by Hyderabad Art Society, Muse Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2016 – “Hyderabad Art Festival” 75 years Platinum Celebrations Organized by Hyderabad Art Society, Hyderabad
2016 – “Art for Impact” by Dr.Reddy’s Foundation in association with Gallery Space at Avasa Hotel, Hyderabad
2016 – “Out of Frame” Group Show at Alankrita Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2016 – “Telangana Kalamela” at Hyderabad
2017 – “Nouveau 8X12” Group Show at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2019 – “The Inked Image” Two Decades of Political Art, Solo Exhibition of Cartoons and Caricatures, at ICCR Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2019 – “Kritagya” Group Show at Rajeshwar Rao Art Gallery, Hyderabad
Art Camps
2014 – “[email protected]” Art Camp at Taramati Baradari, Hyderabad
2015 – “Art for Impact” by Dr.Reddy’s Foundation in association with Gallery Space at Green Park Hotel, Hyderabad
2016 – “VMAF Art Symposium” organized by Vishnu Manchu Art Foundation at Tirupathi
2016 – “Hyderabad Art Festival” 75 years Platinum Celebrations Organized by Hyderabad Art Society, Hyderabad
Abdul Kalam – Former President of India
Google India – Hyderabad
KCR – Chief Minister of Telangana
Padmashri Jagdish Mittal – Art collector
Chiranjeevi – Film Actor
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