Surya Prakash


The Hyderabad based artist Surya Prakash walks tall among stalwarts who had defined the contours of Modern Indian art. His retrospective glancing back to late 1950s is a narrative about his artistic trajectory that has been marked with many defining moments in its development. The journey would have claimed for him moments of agony, despair, failure, ecstasy, glory, joys, fulfillment and optimism when reality would have lifted the veil and offered him a glimpse of world in which he found his images and fulfillment of his ideas.

The inherent concept in showcasing a retrospective of a reputed nationally acclaimed senior artist as Surya Prakash is to weave a fabric of his artistic career which today envelops him in a mantle of absolute success and acceptance. The intention is to showcase the versatility of the artist, who over five decades has worked relentlessly in engaging with his skilled artistry and creative abilities, which in its diversity and intellectual approach has shaped and made manifest in different series, hall marking his restlessness and persistent changing methodology to express and communicate his ideas. All along he remained in an experimental and exploratory mode whether challenged by the medium, technique, themes and subject.

Through this process of consistent perseverance, he created a corpus of works that were as distinct as they were varied, with each series foregrounding his attempts to be different. The conceptual notion collapsed in this project was to convey these varied ideas by Surya Prakash who has fundamentally relied on his empirical experiences to translate the reality that have acquired poetic character and created evocative feelings. His powerful imagination which inscribes every work was further reinforced through mediation with brilliant manifest manipulations of colour, line, textures, space and light. He had a unique methodology in formatting his compositions that was premised on chance and embedded subconscious imagery that intuitively guided his brush. The sharp realism arising from such a method lent an ambience of surreality reinforced by his organic and inorganic forms. The inherent duality notionally defined his artistic terrain creating a paradox of abstract realism.

Intuitively, Surya Prakash had a sharp perceptive eye, which allowed him to glean out the essence of his subject, making him intrinsically a quintessential abstract artist. From his earlier days in late 1950s following his graduation, he had painted plebian subject as construction sites, streets, lamp posts or roof tops of houses, containing minimal forms; yet recognizable as part of his environment.  His journey through varied themes as The Urban Detritus, Surreal Abstractions, Reflections, Levitational Forms over Landscapes, Defining Floral Aesthetics, Bouquet to nature, Prose and Poetry: The Venice Interlude to enriching chromatic representations of mountains and woods in the Spring season in USA has unique distinctive saliencies.

His discerning consciousness in relation to his subject gave him an opportunity to offer charming and an evocative poetry of life whether tethered to reality or becoming a flaneur in imagination. He had every opportunity to metamorphose his subjects into dramatic and emotional compositions, but refrained from it, instead offered cool yet passionate interpretation of his perceptual reality in his inimitable visual language that makes more an appeal to the heart than to the mind.


The retrospective exhibition will showcase his drawings, prints, and canvases in oils and acrylics.

Artist's Artworks