Raka Pandey

As an artist, I believe empathy and emotion plays a key role that dictates the soul existence. I have been very fascinated with the various emotions that people portray not only people but also emotions in objects which I feel. Thus this engagement with the emotions inspired me to create a visual language.

I wanted to explore identity and space in the society where I grew up, and gradually I began to realize myself through my art practice.

I mainly concentrated on the regional people with their various nature, culture, expression and ways of life.

Sometimes the whole human being or only a particular part of his body was highlighted on my canvas. Suddenly my attention switched on a deprived person who has been ignored by the people.

I capture the daily life around me, therefore you can see time, space, common things, the crowd of people and objects get shelter in my canvas.

Quietly all the painful, struggling faces try to get forms through my expression. But amidst all the chaos, the characters are mute, their feelings never expressed, surrounded by the noise, they live in silence.


2014 BFA, (1st Position) Painting, Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati, Shantiniketan

2010 BA, Bengali Honours, Bhatter College, Danatan, Vidyasagar University

Group Shows

1.Annual exhibition of Kala Bhavan 2012 at Academi of Fine Arts in Kolkata.

2. All India Women Artists’ Contemporary Art exhibition 2013 in Chandigarh.

3. Annual exhibition at Nandan gallery in Santiniketan.

4. Bashudha Art gallery at Bhubanashar in Orisha (National level Art & Flim festival).

5 .27th All India Art contest & exhibition-2013 in Nagpur.

6. Annual show of final year students of Kala Bhavana at Rabindranath Tagore Centre, ICCR, Kolkata 2014.

7. All India Women Artists’ Contemporary Art exhibition 2014 in Chandigarh.

8. Group exhibition at ICCR, in Kolkata 2014.

9. Group exhibition at Bothi Tree Monastery of art in Kolkata 2015.

10.Group exhibition at Ssavd in Santiniketan 2015.

11. All India Women Artists’ Contemporary art exhibition 2015 in Chandigarh.

12. 80th Annual All India Fine Arts Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata.-2016

13. Translations International art Exhibition at ICCR in Kolkata, 2016 Organized & curated by Emergent Art Space, US and Samindranath Majumdar.

14. Annual show of final year students of kala Bhavana at ICCR, Kolkata 2016.

15. Group exhibition at Ssavd in Santiniketan 2016.


1. Kala Bhavana Presence of Past Workshop with Manjari Chakravarti in 2010-2011.

2. Painting workshop at Ssavd in Santiniketan by SBI 2013.

3. 6th National level fine arts college students’ workshop-2013 in Mysore (Chamarajendra Govt. College of visual arts,).

4. Participated in winner of Bengal art talent Hunt 2014 during an art camp at Jodhpur in Rajasthan.(by Bothi Tree Monastery of art, Kolkata).

5. Thanka Painting Workshop at Santiniketan in 2014.

6. Gati Art Trust workshop with Bangaladesh artist at Sabujban in 2015.

7. Translations International art workshop at ICCR in Kolkata, 2016 Organized by Emergent Art Space, US.

Scholarships & Awards

Merit scholarship Kala Bhavana 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

3rd Award in all India women artists’ Contemporary art exhibition 2013 in Chandigarh.

Awarded The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation 2015 Grant

Artist's Artworks