Om Soorya

Om Soorya paints surreal landscapes that are occupied by both negative and positive energies, which he depicts in many different forms.

His use of pigment is fluid and intuitive. The mood created by his rich deep tones and lines, which vary from crisp to watery blurs, is much like a twilight zone – the time in-between events; neither here nor there. The absence of figuration in Soorya’s works renders these already isolated environments even more abandoned, making them seem as though they are frozen in time and space.

Soorya has always maintained that aesthetics are just as important as content. Lighting plays an integral role in creating the transcendental feel that his paintings have, as also in giving them their ethereal glow. Together with the other elements of his compositions, it enables the viewer to sense the fragile relationship between the meditative Zen-like quality of the painting and the overwhelming anxieties of material living.

Solo Exhibitions

• 2016- The Luminous Twilights; infinite unknown infeffable. Kalakriti art gallery, Hyderabad.
• 2015- The Wall,Invisible;Transparent, Durbar Hall,Art Gallery, Kochi, India.
• 2010- Recent works, The guildny, NewYork.
• 2009- Recent works, Art HK, Hong Kong presented Galleria Dell’Arco.
• 2009 ‘Grass-Hope’, Galleria Dell’Arco, Shanghai
• 2008 ‘Trans (CE) locations’, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi
• 2008 ‘White Clouds: The Finishing Point’, The Guild , Mumbai
• 2007 ‘Random Mirrors in the City of Villagers’, The Guild, New York
• 2007 ‘Since 1977’, Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Mumbai.
• 2006 ‘Franklin Templeton Investments’, State Gallery of Fine Arts, Hyderabad,
• 2004 ‘Earthworm a Prophet’, Diara Gallery, Hyderabad

Selected Group Exhibitions

• 2015- Drawing Show. Gallery espace ,New delhi
• 2013- The Embedded Landscape, Religare Art Gallery, New Delhi.
• 2016- India art summit,represented by Pallette art gallery,New Delhi
• 2015-India art summit,represented by Pallette art gallery,New Delhi.
• 2014-India art summit,represented by Pallette art gallery,New Delhi.
• 2012-India art summit,represented by Pallette art gallery,New Delhi.
• 2009-India art summit,represented by Pallette art gallery,New Delhi.
• 2010-group show at Ggallery ,Huoston,US
• 2008 ‘Effetto Stalker # 2’, Galleria Dell’Arco, Palermo, Italy
• 2008 ‘Interlude: Venice/Kassel’, organized by The Guild, Mumbai at Jehangir Nicholson Art Gallery.
• National Centre for Performing Art (NCPA), Mumbai
• 2007 ‘Linkages/Dialogues’, The Guild, Mumbai
• 2007 Nature Morte, New Delhi.
• 2007 ‘Urban Smiles’, Project 88, Mumbai
• 2009 ‘Art HK 09’, Hong Kong presented by The Guild, Mumbai
• 2009 ‘Arte Fiera 2009’, Bologna represented by The Guild, Mumbai
• 2009 ‘Revolving Boundaries’, Artist-in-Residence Program, Galleria dell’Arco, Palermo, Italy; Shanghai, China
• 2008 ‘CIGE 2008’, Beijing represented by The Guild, Mumbai.
• 2011- Visiting artist, university of Houston. Texas.
• 2009.artist in residence program of Pro Helvetia,kunst halle,Switzerland.
• 2001 National Workshop College of Art, New Delhi. Honours and Awards.
• 2009 Artist-in-Residence, Galleria dell’Arco, Palermo, Italy; Shanghai, China.
• 2007 -Residency , The Guildny, New York
• 2007-08 Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi
• 2003 -Peers Khoj residency, New Delhi.
• 2007 -Received the Emerging Artist Award , Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA)

Artist's Artworks