Ishrath Humairah

About Ishrath Humairah

Ishrath Humairah is a self-taught artist who primarily paints abstracts. Deep textured landscapes, rocks, trees and nature are her signature elements. Having explored different painting media, Ishrath is partial towards oil paints. Most of her mysterious landscapes have deep texture in oil media. She paints the traditional way, working layer upon layer that makes her paintings express themselves in varied hues. She is continually experimenting with colors, textures and media as can be seen in her progression of paintings. While she continues to explore and experiment with her deep textured techniques and writing about them, her works have been bought by art lovers across India and abroad.

Concept Note

My artworks are predominantly mysterious landscapes and forests. Deep and dark woods, water, rivers, forest fires to lush vegetation and greenery, are my hymns to what I see with my eyes closed.

I paint in the silence of the night. I need that isolation and solitude to be able to become the medium for art. It is a time of mystery, beauty, darkness anddivinity. A moment of communion between the higher power and us. It is indeed true that the spirit has to work with the hand, to make art.

My paintings are a bit of my soul. And a bit of you. While I create them – you make them complete. While I paint, you see and understand them in the ways more than I do. That is why we are here. This place is for you as much as it is for me.

I am a self-taught artist and I love that I walked this way. The process of learning and unlearning, searching and seeking, discovering and finding, has been a long one with million moments of agony and ecstasy. I paint what I see, only to end up discovering many worlds unseen. Letting the works form by themselves is another way to meeting messages from beyond, on their own and in their own time. For me, my works are the visible form of invisibility.

Artist's Artworks