Dhaneesh T

Dhaneesh works are the enquire of freedom with the fantasy representation of the landscape which he is living in. His works depict search for the identity and freedom of an individual existing in the society.

Artist states – ” I wanted to paint what makes me feel free, that’s why mostly I try to create the ambience of the landscape by using multiple canvases and tries to adopt the hues of the atmosphere to create another fantasy without any pre-planning and creates another space which I have already witnessed.”

For him the “time” he engages with the painting is important, primarily the artist adopts the colours and the lines from the actual landscape,  gradually involves the two elements – the unexpected spaces and an accidental effect becomes crucial in the work. The actions (use of brush and colour) at the time of doing painting itself creating the freedom and control in the pictorial space. Daneesh works on multiple canvases, the moment when the canvases are placed together visually creating a deep ‘line’ in the gap of multiple canvases. He unconsciously avoid the’ line’ to see the whole picture. But visually the’ line’ which the artist didn’t draw on the pictorial space is cutting the images and spaces which conceptually breaking the two dimensionalities of his painting.


Artist's Artworks