Bakula Nayak

A self-confessed stubborn romantic, Bakula Nayak noses outthe magic stifled in the everyday, and elevates the mundaneinto something bright, dreamy and unique through her art.

With an undergraduate degree in architecture and an MS inCommunication Design from Pratt Institute, Manhattan,Bakula began her career at a fragrance house in New York.
Following this, she pulled a long stint in retail package designwith global brands such as L’oreal, Mikasa and Ralph Lauren,before moving back to her home town in Bangalore.

Bakula’s passion for collecting vintage paper, fused with herlove for imagining the life stories of people who owned them,translates into tangible works of art. She breathes new life intothe now forgotten pieces of beauty by illustrating on them.Gorgeously aged vintage papers form the perfect canvas tointerpret the realities of Bakula’s world. An unfinished inventory of her daydreaming, and her love affair with allthings vintage – her work reflects her longing for romance,aesthetics, poetry and seduction in everything.


Like the Air I breathe – Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad (SOLO)

Intimate Strangers – IIC, Delhi (SOLO)
Love-a-holic – Kessaku, Bangalore (SOLO)
Confessions – Taj Palace, Delhi (SOLO)

In Adoration – Rain Tree, Bangalore (SOLO)
Sangam Unplugged 2 – India Habitat Center, Delhi (SOLO)
Sangam Unplugged – The Folly, Chennai (SOLO)
Tyagayya Unplugged – Saptaparni, Hyderabad (SOLO)
Tell Tales – Arpana Caur Gallery, Delhi (SOLO)

KARA Art Show – Gallery Space, Hyderabad
The New Romantics – Kynkyny Art Gallery, Bangalore
At the turn of a page – Vadhera Art Gallery, Delhi

The New Romantics – Kynkyny Art Gallery, Bangalore
Small is Beautiful – Kynkyny Art Gallery, Bangalore
Earth Song – Kynkyny Art Gallery, Bangalore
The India Story – Emami Chisel Art, Kolkata
Make Art…Make love…Make Tea… (SOLO)
Kynkyny, Bangalore

The New Romantics – Kynkyny Art Gallery, Bangalore
My Cup of Tea – Kynkyny Art Gallery, Bangalore

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