Ashish Kushwaha





My Work

I explore many anecdotes and incidents of the day to day life, with a marked surrealist’s perspective. I arrange elements in my work with combination that are inspired by the subconscious, mind and secured imagination. I reside and work in Mumbai.

Presently my works based on concrete jungle, global-warming, the social and environmental issues of an ever expanding city get emphasized in the works in aesthetically marked manner, I chooses to refrain myself from making the crude depictions of the elements.

The notion of the unequal development of societies are a result uneven technologies growth is a historical notion. Over senses to other objects in nature such as color form, volume, etc. Whatever this may or may not represent.

We may or not understand but we are without question aware of   it. I create whatever I face on daily basis, originating for the most part, in the contemporary and related phenomena. Based on my personal experiences both as a rural migrant and as a city dweller, they represent my projections about the not-so-distant future, of rural exodus, express urbanization, and the result crowding and dislocation of life.

I am highly fascinated by power and vitality of urban culture whether it is a matter of affinity or direct influence, my experience are related to the superfluous realities for instance, the power of “deity” lies not in its magical attributes but in the visual rendering.


2006 – Camlin Limited Mumbai

2007 – Lokmanya Tilak Art contest Pune

2015 – State art gallery Hyderabad
– Balgandharva art gallery Pune

2017 – Chitrakala parishad Bangalore

Work Experience

Solo Shows

2009 – Sahil Art Gallery  Mumbai

2012 – Art 2day art gallery Pune

2014 – Icon art gallery Hyderabad

2017 –  India International centre New Delhi
–  Bharat bhawan Bhopal


Group Shows

2004 – Mahakoushal art gallery

2006 – Painting Dept. Khairagarh

2007 – Nag Foundation Empress Garden

2008 – Chatak Show Baigandharva art gallery, Pune

  • Saral art gallery, Bhopal
  • Visual art gallery , Ahemadabad
  • Pradarshak art gallery Mumbai
  • Indian Artist Network Indonesia

2009 – Art gallery, Dept. of Culture, Raipur

  • Mistiq Art Gallery New Delhi
  • Film Center Noida
  • Lokayata Art Gallery Delhi
  • 3D Space Art Gallery Mumbai
  • Birla Academy Art & Culture Kolkata


2010 – Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai

  • Indian Artist Network Jakarta
  • Swaraj Vithika Bhopal
  • Dhoomimal Art Gallery Delhi
  • India International Art Fair Delhi
  • Renaissance art gallery, Bangalore
  • Alliance franchisee de Bhopal, MP

2011 – Nitai Gauras,kala Bhavan, Thane

  • Lalit kala academy new Delhi

2012 – Renge art walk dlf golf club Gurgaon

  • Hub at the dlf promenade New Delhi

2013 – Art mart festival Khajuraho

  • Roopankar state art exhibition Khajuraho
  • Aks art gallery Mumbai

2014 – Lalit kala acedemy  Delhi

  • Caravan art gallery Mumbai
  • Regional center lalit kala acedemy Bhuneshwar

2015 – Gallery beyond Mumbai

  • Roopabh bharat bhawan Bhopal
  • Art Basel art fair Miami New York
  • Potpourri gallery beyond Mumbai
  • International art expo bari Italy

2016 – Cadle foundation art exhibition taj hotel Mumbai

  • 3d space art gallery Mumbai

2017 – 7th Bharat Bhavan binnale Bhopal

–  Indian contemporaries, international art fair nizhny
novgorod Russia
–  “Urban Cartographers” gallery beyond Mumbai
– “Post age” artist center Mumbai
–  Bombay art society and BMW organise in hotel lalit Mumbai
–  “Post age” busan international art fair busan Korea
–   Canarys art gallery Indor
–  “Indian contemporaries” open  palm court gallery India
habitat center New Delhi
–  Hungarian centre New Delhi

2018 –  Jahangir art gallery Mumbai

–  Ojas art gallery New Delhi


2004 – Ankur Utkarsh Award,Mahakoshal Kala Parisad

  • IIIrd Award, Yugantar Public school,Rajnandgaon

2011 – Junior Scholarship, Ministry of Culture Delhi

2013 – Madhyapradesh roopankar state award Bhopal

2016 – Praffula Dhanukar State Award

2017 – Art Foundation Mumbai

  • All India silver medal award prafulla dhanukar
  • Karanataka lalithakala academy
  • All India Fine art society aifacs New delhi
  • Junior fellowship ministry of culture New Delhi

2018 – Maharashtra state award by Prafulla Dhanukar art
foundation Mumbai


2006 – 11th &12th International Art festival Ujjain

  • Sanskar Bharati Artist Camp Jabalpur

2007 – 13th international art camp Ujjain

  • Landscape camp bhor  Pune

2010 – Kalidas Academi,Ujjain

–  Swaraj Vithika Bhopal

2012 – Kala mandir  Jamsedpur

2014 – Artist camp delhi public school Shrinagar

2015 – Sangharsh artsit camp thane Mumbai

2016 – Art Camp at S.MV.D University Katra, Jammu

  • International artist camp Srinagar
  • Kailash Artist Residency Narayankoti

2017 –  Aashrya artist camp kodiyala Utarkhand

  • 20 century art criticism cum workshop Khairagarh
  • International artist camp molela Rajasthan
  • Urusvati national artist camp Gurgaon
  • Shree art organised in Hungarian centre New Delhi

2018 – Kala drishti art camp Bikaner and jaisalmer
– Watercolors artist camp ekaant artist residency mount
shadow  Bhavnagar

Artist Residency

  • – Ekaant artist residency mount shadow Bhavnagar
  • – Kalakriti artist residency Hyderabad


  • Hong Kong
  • New York
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Pune
  • Hyderabad
  • Bhopal
  • Jakarta
  • Italy



Artist's Artworks