Anil Kumar G

Anil Kumar’s work starts from his autobiography along this talk about the economic condition in the family, which connect with the place, based on the human tendencies and the curiosity within the urban lifestyle and playing with dialogues and the images. He is very much fascinated towards drawings; he paints the celebration of hopeful and cheerful aspects of life. The materials and medium of work change according to the context and space.

“Everything is exchangeable, because, everything becomes a commodity; all reality is mechanically measured by its materiality.

The curiosity to explore and know is the very key to execute an artwork. So, his perspectives and perceptions towards the objects and subjects, occupied him, are overlapped. The artist looks at an object and its aestheticism, and sometimes objects itself shows off its beauty. His ideas of an artwork go deeper conceptually and sensibly.

MFA – S N School of Arts & Communication, University of Hyderabad
(Printmaking)BVA – Ken School of Arts, Bangalore, Kannada University Vidyaranya, Hampi.
Karnataka Lalith Kala academy scholarship 2012-13
Young Artist Scholarship from Delhi ministry of culture 2012

Awards & Achievements
Prafulla Dhanukar Art Foundation, Kalananda, Bengaluru city award- February 2016

South Indian Art Exhibition by Chandra Illango jury award at Chennai 2013

Participations and Exhibitions

“ Linear Accent’ Drawings group exhibition at Dhi Artspace Gallery, Hyderabad
‘’Winding – Unwinding’’ Curated by Sachin Bonde, Clark house Initiative, at Mumbai May 2017
58th National exhibition of art by Laith Kala Akademi Exhibited in NGMA at Bangalore Feb. 2017
INLAKS Fine Arts Award shortlisted 2016 – 17
“Oesten Biennial” of Drawing, Skopje 2016, Macadonia Sep. 2016

“Street Art Festival” curated by Giulia Ambrogi in collaboration with St+Art India, Art and Telengana with Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad Nov. 2016

“Image, Memory and Visuality’’curetted by Nirmala Biluka in Krishnakriti, Hyderabad Jan. 2016

“Annual group Exhibition’’at Shrishti Art Gallery, July 2015

“Camel art foundation exhibition” (south region), Hyderabad, 2013

“Lithography prints exhibition” Ken School of Art, Bangalore, 2012

“South Indian art exhibition” by Chandra Ilango, Chennai 2012

“Ken – 2012” Annual Group Exhibition at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore 2012

Drawings & Photography Exhibition at Ken School of Art, Sep. 2011


Dhi Artspace Gallery presents, Woodcut Art camp, Jan. 2016 at Hyderabad

National student Print making Workshop, Visva-Bharati, Kala Bhavan-Shanti Niketan, March 2015

Kala Sakshi Memorial Trust, Workshop, Dec. 2014

M {A} P, Malleswaram Accessibility Project, Graffiti workshop, Bangalore 2012
5th national level arts college students’ workshop-2012, CAVA College of Visual Arts, Mysore

IGA open studio Feb. 2012, Bangalore, live wall art

“NineFish Art Gallery Artist Residency At Mumbai on Sep. 2017

“PEEP” Open Studio-Dhi Art Space Gallery, Hyderabad, Telangana Nov. 2016

‘’ Unwinding’’, conducted by Uttarayan Art foundation, Jaspur, Dist: Vadodara, Gujarat, June 2015

Collections of Artworks

“Spring Banyan Tree” Woodcut print- Woswo X Woswo

“Spring Banyan Tree” Woodcut print- Reg Fallah, Gothenberg “Eating Together” Painting- Kavita Nayar, New Delhi

‘’Looking back’’ Woodcut print-Dhi Artspace Gallery, Hyderabad
Memories of the city- An Art installation, Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad

Artist's Artworks