ONGOING : Ganapati, an exhibit showcasing recent artworks by Sujata Bajaj is up on view until December 20, 2017 | 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.



1971, in Guangxi Province, China


1996 Graduated in Chinese Ink Painting from Guangxi Art Institute, Nanning


1997 ‘Maple Leaf Award’, at International Oriental Wash-and-Ink Arts Exhibition, Toronto, Canada

2013 Gold Prize, ‘10th International Sino-Korea Art Exhibition’, Korea

Solo Exhibitions

2011 ‘Traditional Landscape’, Zee Stone Gallery, Hongkong

2009 ‘Smell and Smile’, Creation Art Gallery, Beijing

2008,07 ‘Salute to Great Masters’, Zee Stone Gallery, Hongkong; Creation Art Gallery, Beijing

2007 Oil Painting and Chinese Ink Painting exhibition, Beijing

Group Exhibitions

2007 ‘The Contemporary Art Exhibition about Chongqing’, Chongqing

2014 ‘Treading on Sedge Grass’, New Millennium Gallery, Nanchang

2014 ‘The First China’, Italia Young Artists Exhibition, Palazzo, Rome

2013 ‘North and South’, Bangyang, Asean Art Gallery, Nanning

2013 ‘The First China’, Asean Biennale, Nanning

2011 8th International Sino-Korea Art Exhibition, Korea

2011 ‘Scroll’, The ColorofJoy Art Space, 798 Art Zone, Beijing

2008 Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition, Beijing

2007 ‘Art Beijing 2007’, Beijing

2007,05 China International Gallery Exposition, Beijing

1997 The China Watercolor Exhibition for Young Painters, Beijing


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