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Shreekant Somany

Being in the business of adding beauty to living spaces, Shreekant Somany has always been artistically inclined – in love with art, design and music. He has been a member of Samagam, an organization established with the objective of strengthening the fields of performing and visual arts. He is also a Member of India Habitat Centre; of Siri Fort Complex; and of the Bengal Rowing Club.

“They say creativity knows no boundaries, and that’s what Mr. Somany personifies. Besides being known for his business acumen and innovative ideas, he has been a horticulturist for years; and his interest in music varies from classical to modern, Indian to Western”.

“But what really outlines his personality is his passion to discover the new, and tread the road less-travelled. A photographer by heart and a nature-lover by soul, the world, for Mr. Somany, is like a beautiful storybook, where every image has multiple meanings and a thousand stories hidden in it. And with every photograph that he clicks, he discovers a new leaf of this book. A leaf that gives a new perspective, a leaf that opens the doors of imagination, and tells a new tale”.

For the past 10 years, he has been on this wonderful journey of discovering new meanings and new stories. He believes that there are a thousand ways of looking at a picture. It is the perspective that makes it meaningful.




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