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Rajashree Thakker

Born: 14th May 1965 in Vasco, Goa

Education: Graduated from the GoaCollege of Art in 1986

Rajeshree Thakker is a Goa based artist working for more than twenty five years. Her oeuvre reveals an artist who through the years, has gone through a gamut of abstraction and figuration – finally arriving at a collage of the sensual and conceptual. In recent years she has increasingly worked on a variety of surfaces besides canvases, exemplified in shrines which focus and aid spiritual contemplation. Made of wood the multiple doors of the shrine open out and fall back on each other, now covering, now revealing the painted surfaces. The integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo – particularly his epic poem: Savitri, Buddhism and haiku and an interest in mythology and literature from various parts of the world are what form the backbone of her thematic preoccupations. Walking the tightrope between instinct and reason, Rajeshree fuses spiritual themes with the elements of design to portray multiple aspects of the self in relation to the world.

Select Awards
2001 – Reliance-Harmony award for Emerging Artist
2000 – LalitKalaAcademy’s Millennium art award
2000 – Institute Menezes Braganza award
1986 to 1990 – Kala Academy State Art awards

Select Exhibitions and Camps
November, 2013 – Participated in Bioscope – A Tribute to Indian Cinema at Maquinez Palace Art Gallery, Panjim – Goa
March, 2012 – Participated in the annual Gitanjali exhibition titledWYSIWYG at Gallery Gitanjali, Panjim – Goa
August, 2011 – Participated in a group exhibition at Los Angeles, Scion Gallery organised by Ruchika’s Art Gallery and curated by Niyatee Shinde
July, 2011 – Participated in a group exhibition on drawings called I am the Sketchbook at Gallery Gitanjali, Panjim – Goa
July, 2011 – Art camp at Mandrem
June/July, 2011 – Art camps organised by the Directorate of Art and Culture
February, 2010 – Art camp at Ravindra Bhavan , Margao
February, 2010 – Exhibited in Carnival of Colours, a group exhibition at Ruchika’s Art Gallery, Panjim
January, 2010–Participated in a group exhibition called I am Red at the Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Porvorim – Goa
November, 2009 – Exhibited in StyleFile 2009, in Kolkata
April, 2008 – Exhibited in Bhasha, at Nvya Gallery, New Delhi
March, 2008 – Exhibited in Elle Décor Show, at Hotel Oberoi, Mumbai
November, 2007 – Exhibited in Threedev, an exhibition on cinema at Ruchika’s Art Gallery, Panjim
November, 2007 – Exhibited in Mapping the Roots, at the Portuguese Embassy, New Delhi
September, 2007 – Exhibited in Goan Artists Show, at the Mahua Gallery, Bengaluru
May, 2007 – Participated in CREC Artists camp in Goa
September, 2006 – Exhibited in Style File, at the Hilton Towers, Mumbai
December, 2005 – Exhibited in Portugal through the eyes of artists in Goa, at the residence of the Consul General of Portugal, Goa
December, 2005 – Exhibited in Style File, at the Taj Hotel, Kolkata
April, 2005 – Exhibited at the Harmony show at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai
March, 2005 – Participated in a camp of women artists from India in Cambodia
December, 2004 – Exhibited in Pune, organised by Tao art gallery and the Indo-Japanese Association.
September, 2004 – Exhibited in Once Upon a Time, at the Fundacao Oriente, Goa
April, 2004 – Exhibited in Style File, at the Taj Hotel, Mumbai
August, 2003 – Participated in the RPG camp at Taj Hotel, Mumbai
April, 2003 – Exhibited at the Harmony show at the Nehru Centre, Mumbai
March, 2003 – Exhibited in Art for God’s Sake, organised by the Arts Trust at the Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai
January, 2003 – Exhibited in the Fontainhas Arts Festival organised by the Goa Heritage Action group
November, 2002 – Participated in the national art camp at the Cidade de Goa
October, 2002 – Exhibited in Self Portraits, a show organised by RPG Enterprises at the Birla Art Academy, Mumbai
June, 2002 – Exhibited in Finding Home, at Duisberg, Germany
May, 2002 – Exhibited in a duo show Zen and Body, at the Indian Contemporary, Hong Kong
December, 2001 – Exhibited in Exchanging Territories, organised by the Hans Group at Shreedharani Gallery, New Delhi
October, 2001 – Exhibited in Shanti–Shunyata-Sadhana, in Duisberg, Germany
July, 2001 – Exhibited in Body organised by Guild Art Gallery in Hong Kong
June, 2001 – Participated in the RPG art camp at OberoiTowers, Mumbai
March, 2001 – Participated in the Hans Group art camp in Orissa
February, 2001 – Exhibited in Millennium Art Exhibitionorganised by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
October, 2000Of Savitri, Zen and Dogs – a solo exhibition at Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai


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