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Manish Pushkale

Master of Arts in Painting, Bhopal Art College, Bhopal
MA in Conservation, National Museum, New Delhi
Awards & Fellowships
2011 Spandan Chitrakala Samman, Bhopal
2003 Raza Foundation Award
2000 Junior Research Fellowship, Government of India
1997 AIFACS Award
Selected Solo Shows
2014 ‘Amidst two waters, Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2014 ‘Biography of a Form’, Parc des chantiers; & Institute of Advanced Studies, both at Nantes, France
2013 ‘Language of vision’, Gallery Veda, Chennai
2010 ‘Theatre of light’, Reflections Art Gallery, Indore
2009 Bugno Art Gallery, Venice
2009 ‘Serendipitous Encounters’, Aicon, Palo Alto
2007 ‘Unveiling’, Bodhi Art Gallery, Mumbai
2006 ‘Japa’, Bodhi Art Gallery, New Delhi
2005 Gadfly Gallery, Perth, Western Australia
2003 Maison Des Sciences De l’Hommes, Paris
2003 Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai
1997 ‘Aurodhan’, Bank of America, New Delhi
1994 – 95 Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad, Bhopal
Two Man Shows
2011 With yogendra Tripathy, Art Indus, New Delhi
2009 With Julia zegelmaier, Galerie Mueller & Plate, Munich
2005 With Abie Kimmare Loy, Gadfly Gallery, Perth
2005 With Akhilesh, Galerie Mueller & Plate, Munich
2004 With S Harshwardhana, Bodhi Art, Singapore
2003 With S H Raza, The Guild, Mumbai
Selected Group Shows
2014 ‘EyeConics’, Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2014 ‘Silent windows’, Gallery 7, Mumbai
2014 Gallery OED, Kochi
2012 ‘Aviraam’, Vadhera Art Gallery, New Delhi
2012 India Art Fair, represented by Gallery Beyond, Delhi
2011 Pratibimb, Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi
2011 ‘Form and Formlessness’, Art Alive, New Delhi
2010 ‘For art’s sake’, Point of View Art Gallery, Mumbai
2009 ‘Indian Art’, Rosenhoff Gallery, Nice, France
2009 ‘Remnants of Void’, Gadfly Gallery, Australia
2009 ‘Think small’, Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi
2009 India Art Summit, New Delhi
2009 ‘20 years of Indian Contemporary Art’, Gallery Neumeister, Munich
2009 Saarc Artist show, presented by seher, Afghanistan; Lahore, Pakistan; & Dhaka, Bangladesh
2009 ‘Symbols and Mervellies les coulers de Inde’, Museum of Asiatic Arts, Nice, France
2009 L’Inde et L’Art Contemporain, Rosennoff Gallery, Nice, France
2009 ‘Metaphoric shift and new imagery’, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
2008 Asta Guru Auction Show, Mumbai
2008 Saffron Auction Show, Mumbai
2008 ‘Middle Edge’, Aicon Gallery, Palo Alto
2008 Miami Basel Art Fair, presented by Galerie Helen
2008 Lamarque, Paris and Miami
2007,02 Harmony show, Reliance Industries, Mumbai
2007 ‘Swasti-Roop’, Art Alive, New Delhi
2007 ‘Paper’, Gallery Threshold, New Delhi
2007 ‘Indian Images’, Gallery Art Pilgrim, London
2007 I’Inde de Raza, Gorbio, France
2007 Dubai Art Festival, presented by Bodhi Art, UAE
2007 Singapore Art Fair, Presented by Bodhi Art, Singapore
2007 ‘Hirers Show’, Hong Kong Visual Art Museum, Hong Kong
2006 ‘Roop Adhyatma’, Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi; & Bodhi Art, Singapore
2006 ‘Indian Art’, Berkeley Square Gallery, London
2006 ‘Spandan’, Yash Birla Group, Mumbai
2006 Saffron Art, Mumbai & New York
2006 ‘Contemporary Indian Art’, Chelsea College of Art, London
2005 ‘Sacred Space’, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2005 ‘Roop Adhyatma’, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai; & Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi
2005 ‘Towards Abstraction’, Gallery Threshold and Bodhi Art, New Delhi
2005 ‘Bharat’, Tate Britain, London
2005 ‘Confluence 2005’, Arts India, Palo Alto
2005 ‘Resonance, 50 years of Independence’, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
2005 ‘Indian Contemporary Art’, Saffron Art, Mumbai
2005 ‘Indian Paintings of New Millennium’, Walsh Art Gallery, Chicago; & Mason Gross Galleries, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
2004 ‘Roop Adhyatma’, Presbitare, Gorbio, France
2004 ‘Shiva’, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai
2003 ‘Seven’, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai; Visual Art Gallery, New Delhi; Time and Space Gallery, Bangalore; & Apparao Galleries, Chennai
2001 ‘Anadi’ National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai; & Birla Academy of Art, Kolkata
1996-98 Kanagawa International Print Biennale, Japan
1996-98 ‘48th National Exhibition of Art’, New Delhi

Collection by Artist: