ONGOING : Opening Preview of our new exhibit – ‘SSVAD Collectives’: A Group Show of the Members of Santiniketan Society of Visual Arts and Design, showcasing the artworks of various artists under one roof.
ONGOING : Kalakriti Art Gallery invites to a lecture, ‘The Satavahanas: History, Trade and Coinage’ by Shailendra Bhandare, on history of the Satavahanas – their coinage in collaboration with Deccan Heritage Foundation on Thursday, 18th January, 2018 | 7pm




1972, in Guangxi province, China



1995 Graduated from the Art Department, Guilin Pedagogical Academy

1997 Graduated from the Printmaking Department, China Central Academy of Fine Arts


Solo Exhibitions

2013 ‘Desire’, Chinese Abstract Art Gallery, Beijing

2012 Bloom Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing

2004 Lithographs, Solar Space, Chengdu


Group Exhibitions

2014 ‘Tradition & Transition’, Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India

2014 ’Dream of Sky horse’, Art Festival, Beijing, Henderson Center

2013 Blue Roof Art Festival, Chengdu

2013 ‘We’, The 20th Anniversary of the 1994-2013, China Songzhuang Artists Cluster show, Beijing

2013 The tenth session of China and South Korea, South Korea

2012 The Third Exhibition of Chinese colleges of Fine Arts, Chengdu

2012 Exhibition of ‘Open Warehouse’ in Art Granary, Chengdu

2012 Spring Art Salon, Chengdu

2012 Blue Roof Magnetic Field, Chengdu

2011 National Young Artists’ Nomination Exhibition, Chengdu

2011 ‘History, the New Songzhuang’, The 7th Songzhuang Art Festival, Beijing

2010 Southwest of Young Teachers’ Fine Arts Exhibition, Chengdu

2010 ‘Beyond language’, Chengdu

2010 The seventh session of China and South Korea, Guangxi

2009 ‘Community! Community!’, The fifth Songzhuang Art Festival, Beijing

2008 Spring Art Salon, Chengdu

2007 Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts Teachers, Chengdu

2005 New opus of Sichuan province, Chengdu

2003 Masters’ Paintings, Hongkong City Hall Exhibition Gallery


Collection by Artist: