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Jeff Murray

“To admire a subject from afar, it can be pleasing, but it is only when one looks closer, that they discover that the reward is much much greater.”

Captivating pure satisfaction to the eye, Jeff Murray creates visuals that all artistic lovers can get lost within, and each time you gaze into them, you find something new. The endless search for new outcomes never tires and the goal of drawing you into the exquisite works of intricate art never fails. By creating these ideas in art formations allows you to step into an unique world of surreal illusions, intertwining natural surroundings and realistic impressions. 

The self-discovery of pure creation allows you to push the envelope and inevitably go where no one else has gone.

I invite you to personally “look closer” and let your imagination take you to these atmospheric realms of pen and ink works of art. 

Born in 1986, I grew up in a town called Aylesbury in the county of Buckinghamshire which borders London on the North. Ever since I was able to put pen to paper I have had a huge passion for drawing.
Whether it be from recreating a scene in a movie or just drawing a still life object from within my sights, I love to draw it. Many artists have influenced me over time, such as Salvador Dali, Matteo Pericoli, Alex Grey, H.R.Giger and my all time favourite, M.C.Escher. His work and the illusions he created had me awestruck and eventually he became one of the biggest inspirations for me in my life.

I finished High School in 2002, and then went onto taking a National Diploma in Graphic Design, followed by a Higher National Diploma and a Bachelor in Arts in the same field.  Although I learned digital design during my time at University, I still preferred to bring in the hand-drawn element to my projects, such as posters, websites and even short movies.

Once graduated I worked in different art oriented jobs across Canada where I spent a good sixteen months. Since then I have continued to travel throughout parts of North America, Europe, South East Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand, embracing the cultures and their artistic heritage only to add to my repertoire of artworks. A lot of my recent work focuses on intricately and intimately capturing the diversity of the countries or continents I have travelled to. I am constantly seeing things along the way that are so appealing I have to capture it within my art. Encountering all of these amazing sights whilst exploring inspires me to create vivid images.

In 2011 when living in New Zealand, I made the decision to distribute prints of my work across the nation in Galleries and other retail outlets. The success of my art being sold to people from all over the world gave me the confidence to distribute Globally, and expand my product to a higher level. I now offer a Clothing range featuring some of my exclusive pieces of art on them.

The lifestyle of travel and exploration has afforded me the opportunity to continually evolve and expand my work as an identity that people can relate to. The feeling of developing a piece of art and allowing it to be enjoyed by others in print, or cloth or canvas is pure satisfaction. I hope that every piece of Jeff Murray that would adorn your walls or your life will engage you in “looking closer” for what truly is the magic and wonder of my subjects.

Jeff Murray is often compared to Stephen Wiltshire, a globally famous artist, who is an autistic and with a phenomenal photographic memory who draws cities when taken in the air.





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