Huang Fang Qi 150-150

Huang Fang Qi



1982, in Fujian, China



2004 Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Art Institute of Xiamen University



2005 Second Prize – ‘Years’ series, Chinese painting in the inaugural festival in Fujian Province


2014 ‘Tradition & Transition’, Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India

2013 ‘Growth – 2013’, Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition of Chinese Art Palace, Shanghai
2013 ‘Spring’, New Youth Art Exhibition Royal Nominations and Artistic Commune De Don Xiamen
2012 ‘Ink – meaning of’ series, Gangnam

2012 Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou underground, Hall Floor Library, Hangzhou
2010 ‘View One’, Chinese Painting’, National Museum of Chinese Painting Exhibition in Suzhou, Suzhou




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