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Dominique Paulin

The only doctor in a family of artists, I let myself be drawn in the desire to paint.A double life, at the same time city and hospital doctor, searcher in medical biophysics, and a painter. Listening to, looking after other and expression of my inner work are inseparable; My father, the designer Pierre Paulin, my great uncle  Georges Paulin, Bentley’s automobile designer and inventor, my mother had studied at the Beaux Arts in Paris, her uncle Salvado was a painter and a model for Picasso.

All my childhood  I was immersed in a creative universe between my father’s drawing board, my mother’s works, my grand father’s easel and box of paints, he would tell me about oil painting techniques. I was trained by immersion. At school I covered tables with drawings; At home, the walls, at the film club, posters.

Even in my medical biophysics thesis there are drawings. I get involved in very diverse techniques and I feel free to invent and associate materials. That absence of art school training and the memory of what I had seen and tied in different r places with architects, painters, sculptors allowed me to dare to experiment and take risk, like jumping on the vide. One day I decided to show, the moment had come In 2007 I meet Dorothée Allaneau who was opening her new gallery, the Sponte Gallery in Paris. Christine and Pierre Cardin gave me the opportunity of exhibiting” sensorial abstraction” at the Espace Cardin on the Champs Elysées  in Paris with 140 canvas.

The success of the exhibition and adventure make me want to continue.

Make up Painting », Gallery Passère, Forcalquier, France
Congress LMHI, » Palais des Congrès, Paris, France
Show of Accessible Art, » Paris,

Square Golden Surrealism », the High Plains, Mane , France
To live in the Space » City hall of XV ième, Paris, France
Arborati, summer collection
Nature Art Today II, » Ed Patou, on 2013
Quintessence »   FESTIVAL BONJOUR INDIA by the Embassy of France Paulin Dominique and .Kirch Michel, IHC Visual Arts Gallery. New Delhi, India

Painters Doctors, » Faculty of Medicine of Paris, France.
Artcurial » Lithographies exposed to the Bookshop Artcurial, Dassault Hotel, Paris, France

Spacialités » Dominique Paulin and Michel Kirch, espace Pierre Cardin Evolution, Paris, France
(European Space Agency and ASTRIUM with Edgar Morin,)
Naples my love », Gallery Utopia 440, Naples, Italy and Gallery Sponte, Paris

Dominique Paulin and Claude Mollard », Gallery Sponte, Paris, France
Life in colour », collective Exhibition, Shanghai Dolan Museum of Modern Art, China
European Art Exhibition » Lille Art Fair, Gallery Sponge, France
Ecce Homo », collective Exhibition Royal Riding School, Saint-Germain en Laye.

Large formats » exposed to the Show of the Environment, Paris
Face to Face » Gallery Sponte, Paris
Visiblia » Gallery Utopia 440, Naples. Italy

Sensory abstraction » Personal Exhibition, Espace Cardin, Paris, France


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